Some of the Best Exotic Foods to Try During Your Vacation

People often do think of classics when it comes to exotic yummy foods. They will be thinking of chowing down a green curry in places like Thailand, eating poutine in a restaurant in Montreal, maybe others butter chicken in India and many more. But then, there are so many delicious dishes in international cuisine that you might not have yet known. Use a rental car to access some of the best foods you never knew. Herein are the best exotic foods to try during your vacation:


This is among the populous exotic foods served most in US restaurants. Are the kinds of foods that provide an individual idea that they are healthy but they are much healthy indeed. Quesadilla has many good ingredients but then, not all of these ingredients cater establishments use what is right. Cooking this dish at your own kitchen is the best way to enjoy quesadilla without unhealthy supplements that can be unwanted.


This is actually among the populous dishes all over the world. The right place you can consider buying seafood is maybe at a local fresh food market that is situated near a river, lake or ocean. Actually, almost all seafood can be steamed, grilled, baked, boiled or fried. You will find different recipes for the quality of seafood and it can sometimes be difficult to come out with a concrete one. Mostly many people consider cooking the fish, it remains solid but it becomes flaky.

Filet Mignon

You need to taste this type of dish while out there. Is a class of exquisite beef, the main choice of rich typical beef. This is normally extracted carefully from an animal sirloin part. To make it best, you can enjoy fillet served with sauces, this actually blends well with the dish’s mild flavor. The sauce can be served either as a perch for this dish or stewed in the sauce.

Chocolate soup

It is known as the best dish for the comfortable rests especially when feeling swallow or cold. It is actually the right one you can consider in the winter seasons since the dish is full of vegetables, very warm and easily cooked. Soup is best when feeling weak of energy, when ill or feeling cold like it. You need to remember how this was considered in the past, a cure for numerous diseases.

Fresh Oysters

This is a nice meal you can enjoy in a restaurant, but then, its flavor is explosive when taken straight from water and you try eating it moments after being shucked and plucked. You need to try at least maybe one straight up that has been taken straight from the shell before dousing them with condiments like for instance horseradish, cocktail sauce or even lemon juice. This will let you clearly taste the sharp saltiness and sweet creaminess of waters from where the dish came from.

Maine Lobster

These days you will find fast food restaurants serving this delicious meal. Trying to have a taste right fresh off the water you will know it is really exotic food. The flavor of this dish is sweet and briny with its buttery and rich fixture. use a rental car to explore the world.

Honeymoon always – the full honeymoon in USA

The beauty of Hawaii and the serenity of its surroundings make the place perfect for couples. Located directly in the USA, you will not have to travel so far. In any case, you can get a rental car that will take you around the incredible sights, aromas, and sounds that reflect the cultural diversity of Hawaii’s inhabitants.

If you didn’t know, Hawaii is the most popular honeymoon destination for good reasons. The tropical setting of the region promotes the pristine beaches and fosters a relaxed setting that is perfect for you to start your marriage. So, are you and your loved one in search of an all-inclusive honeymoon package in the USA? If so then the all-inclusive packages for honeymoon in Hawaii could be what you are looking for.

What is the all-inclusive package all about?

After a memorable wedding, you will want some dream honeymoon packages that will match with the wedding ceremony experience. You will want to spend several nights in an ocean view room, champagne, and breakfast for two every morning. The resorts and hotels in Hawaii that offer these honeymoon packages include:


– Koa Kea resort hotel
– Resort at Poipu Beach Kauai
– Travaasa, Hana, Maui
– The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu

All these hotels are located near a beach so you will enjoy warm tropical foliage when celebrating your love. The packages here are the best deals for couples. They offer discounted luxury rooms, some credit for food and beverages, and another credit for spa services and late checkouts. A candlelit dinner will offer a special touch and turn your honeymoon memorable and romantic.

Activities you can engage in while experiencing honeymoon at Hawaii

There are several of them. From water adventures to cultural tours, there are numerous things you might want to try.

Want to swim with the dolphins? You got the chance to it if that is what you and your lover long for. For the lovers of windsurfing, you also got covered. You will not want to end the vacation without indulging in kayaking and glass bottle boat trips.

And if you thought fishing is a profession, you need to change that perception. Deep sea fishing is an entertainment sport that you can do while having your honeymoon at Hawaii. Other activities that you may want to do are such as water skiing, snorkeling, and sailing.

You can also find adventure by playing golf or by hiking the volcanos at Hawaii. Don’t forget to listen to the traditional ukulele music and enjoy a luau as you relax on the beach.

Staying in Hawaii, USA if you are looking for a shorter trip now or if you are planning for a bigger honeymoon later is the best thing you would do for yourself and your honey. The full honeymoon packages at Hawaii will give you exactly what you need, even if you are on a budget. When you have already decided on your preferred honeymoon destination, make necessary travel preparations. You can use your car for travel or you can get a rental car for more convenience.

Yet Another List of Theme Hotels in Vegas

Check part 1 of the list here.

New York-New York

New York New York Hotel & Casino

New York-New York is a magnificent casino-hotel whose facade recreates Manhattan. The hotel looks as an architectural ensemble, which includes twelve skyscrapers with luxurious rooms, a copy of the Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge. Casino, slot machines, restaurants, bars and cafes, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a spa and shops presents the local infrastructure of the complex.

Also, you can ride there on a huge roller coaster and visit the themed family amusement park called Coney Island.

Lodgers will be pleased with amazing musicals, including the Blue Man Group comedy show, Blue Man Group, a sensual Zumanity show by Cirque du Soleil with amazing acrobatics and the Shades of Temptation erotic theatrical performance.


Luxor Hotel

Luxor Casino Las Vegas (37)

Luxor is one of the most unique hotels in the city. The fact is that it features interesting design made in the shape of a dark-glass pyramid. At night, from the top of the building a powerful and bright beam shines upward – in clear weather it’s visible at a distance of 443 km from Las Vegas.

The Luxor’s entrance is guarded by the 34-meter Sphinx, and here’s also a 43-meter Egyptian ancient obelisk.

The hotel provides comfortable and spacious rooms, from standard to deluxe class, located along the side walls of the glass pyramid. In order to get to the rooms you can use the elevator, which moves at the angle of 39°.

The hotel is full of restaurants with different cuisines, and has four swimming pools, a variety of shops, a spa, nightclubs, a casino with numerous slot machines and board games, and a wedding chapel.

The hotel constantly hosts various shows and events. Also, there are several exhibitions at the hotel, among which “Titanic: Artifact Exhibition” is devoted to the world’s largest passenger liner shipwreck. Next to the hotel there is another remarkable spot – Excalibur Hotel, which is connected with Luxor by a free tram.


Excalibur Hotel

The Strip, Excalibur Hotel Casino Las Vegas

Excalibur is a luxury hotel, stylized as a medieval castle and named after the sword of the legendary King Arthur. The hotel has all the amenities for a comfortable stay – these are magnificent modern rooms, a casino, shops, a spa center, a swimming pool with a solarium, restaurants and bars, a nightclub, and a golf course.

Travelers will also enjoy the varied entertainments offered at the hotel. The show “Tournament of Kings”, which takes place in the local amphitheater, is very popular performance. This magnificent spectacle is a medieval knight’s tournament, in which 12 horses and 32 actors participate. Dinner is held there, which, according to medieval traditions, should be eaten by hand.

The hotel has a game hall called “Fun Dungeon”, where more than 150 games are offered, including arcade and sports games, and in the wedding chapel at the hotel you can have the most real medieval wedding in beautiful dresses.

It’s interesting to know that Excalibur Hotel is connected with New York-New York Hotel with footbridges. In addition, a free tram connects Excalibur with Luxor and Mandalay Bay hotels.

Stay and Have Fun: Chic Theme Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

(photo by Michael & Laura Dubois)

Vacation is a special time for fun and carelessness. In search of positive emotions and vivid impressions, many people go to Las Vegas.  Perhaps, this is one of the most recognized and well-known centers, where various attractions are concentrated, where rich days are followed by brilliant evenings and fascinating nights.

Of course, the most famous places in Las Vegas are casinos located in the most beautiful themed hotels, and car rental nucar rental is a perfect way to find them. So, choosing any of the following hotels for your upcoming trip to Las Vegas, you’ll find yourself in a separate world, full of a wide variety of entertainments…

The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian

The Venetian is a magnificent Italian-style building and one of the most prestigious and large hotel complexes in Las Vegas. The hotel fully justifies its name – you’ll find there such Venetian sights as the Campanile Bell Tower, Rialto Bridge, the Palace of Rains and St. Mark’s Square, where costumed shows are held.

Here you can stroll through the Venetian-style streets, as well as take a ride on the gondolas along the canal. The hotel offers comfortable rooms, a casino, numerous restaurants with different cuisines, an excellent spa club, night clubs and bars with a variety of entertainment programs, recreational areas with three pools, the selection of shows and a wedding chapel to register a marriage.

The hotel features two large shopping centers with a wide selection of luxury boutiques of the most famous brands, as well as Madame Tussauds wax museum, where you can take pictures with celebrities from the world of cinema, sports, and politics.


Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel & Casino. Las Vegas, Nevada

Situated on the Strip, Paris is an excellent hotel, built in the style of the French capital. Here you will feel the atmosphere of the most romantic European city with Parisian streets, stone pavements, shops and boutiques, bakeries, cafes and fine restaurants.

What’s more, it has its own Arch of Triumph, Champs Elysees, as well as the Eiffel Tower, which is also an observation platform, offering beautiful panoramas of the environs of the city and the Bellagio fountains.

The whole complex features comfortable French-style suites, a casino with slot machines and board games, a luxurious swimming pool surrounded by a garden, a spa, a fitness center and a wedding chapel.

The hotel will delight guests with its stunning entertainments presented with a variety of nightclubs and bars, different shows, among which are the remarkable musical “Jersey Boys” and Napoleon’s piano bar, where you can enjoy the performance of two pianists competing with each other in musical skill.

Transport For Your Vacation

There are various ways of transportation. We sometimes aren’t able to imagine how individuals were able to reside with no cars, train locomotives and airplanes years ago. In some cases people give preference to travelling by automobile, the rest think that it is actually unsafe and also polluts environmental surroundings. Whatever your vistas, there’s no question that travelling by means of vehicle has many advantages, and a lot of downsides.

Benefits of Traveling by Car

To start with the velocity, we are able to move swiftly from one vacation spot to some other. We do not have to spend our time and additionally look forward to a bus. To go to a healthcare facility we do not have to go to the bus station and wait. It is vital, due to the fact we can easily travel whenever and wherever we desire. In addition, automobiles are usually obtainable and we may go by vehicle all over the place. Occasionally in modest villages coach bus travels very rarely. Individuals are required to wait for an extended time to go to the town. Availability is another benefit of travelling by auto.

Besides, we can have vacationing holiday where and when we’d like. If perhaps we would like to go for a trip, we do not have to book shuttle bus tickets, it is actually very problematic. When we have an automobile, we need no more than a guide or simply Global positioning system unit and we can merely get inside a vehicle and move!


On the contrary, traveling by auto isn’t very secure for a driver. He can not rest, he should be mindful constantly. Autos have no choice but to stay in overloaded zones, it is usually very uncomfortable. Whenever driver is incredibly exhausted, he is able to be as dangerous on the streets as drunk driver. Moving by motor vehicle is actually dangerous, also. There are many accidents while driving and we should be mindful and also smart. There are many people today, who want to drive a car right after alcoholic drinks, they cause lots of accidents.

From my opinion they’re reckless and premature and people who drink and drive ought to lose their driving a car license for life. Using a motor vehicle can be very expensive. If you’ve got a vehicle you need to pay much cash for petrol and services. Petrol cost is high. In my opinion individuals really should take advantage of gas much more than petrol mainly because gas is much better for the atmosphere. What’s more, the gas is inexpensive.


To sum up, in case we have dollars and don’t forget about persistence while driving, even if we have issues with finding a parking space and we get nervous, we might delight in driving a car for years, for certain.