Yet Another List of Theme Hotels in Vegas

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New York-New York

New York New York Hotel & Casino

New York-New York is a magnificent casino-hotel whose facade recreates Manhattan. The hotel looks as an architectural ensemble, which includes twelve skyscrapers with luxurious rooms, a copy of the Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge. Casino, slot machines, restaurants, bars and cafes, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a spa and shops presents the local infrastructure of the complex.

Also, you can ride there on a huge roller coaster and visit the themed family amusement park called Coney Island.

Lodgers will be pleased with amazing musicals, including the Blue …

Stay and Have Fun: Chic Theme Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

(photo by Michael & Laura Dubois)

Vacation is a special time for fun and carelessness. In search of positive emotions and vivid impressions, many people go to Las Vegas.  Perhaps, this is one of the most recognized and well-known centers, where various attractions are concentrated, where rich days are followed by brilliant evenings and fascinating nights.

Of course, the most famous places in Las Vegas are casinos located in the most beautiful themed hotels, and car rental nucar rental is a perfect way to find them. So, choosing any of the following hotels for your upcoming trip to Las …

Transport For Your Vacation

There are various ways of transportation. We sometimes aren’t able to imagine how individuals were able to reside with no cars, train locomotives and airplanes years ago. In some cases people give preference to travelling by automobile, the rest think that it is actually unsafe and also polluts environmental surroundings. Whatever your vistas, there’s no question that travelling by means of vehicle has many advantages, and a lot of downsides.

Benefits of Traveling by Car

To start with the velocity, we are able to move swiftly from one vacation spot to some other. We do not have to spend our …